Complex Situations

We work with clients as an intermediary between them and their employees for processes such as disciplinaries, grievances, appeals and investigations, to allow them to continue with business. A client who engages our services will not have a HR team or the internal resources to conduct a time – consuming process. Outsourcing these processes allows impartiality and therefore no bias when making decisions. How do we help in these processes:

  • Panel support by assisting the hearing officer with scripting and note taking;
  • Coaching hearing officers in managing these processes; and
  • Conducting these processes on your behalf
  • Advice on dealing with complex performance and absence concerns


Conflict in the workplace is common, and we understand that it is important to diffuse these situations as quickly as possible, before they escalate into something more serious. Early intervention prevents this from happening. Using an independent mediator allows those in conflict to speak openly and honestly without any judgement or bias from the mediator.

When you engage our mediation services we will ask you to complete a referral form giving us some basic information about the parties and outlining the concerns. As mediation is impartial and non-judgemental, we ask that only basic information is given about the issues.

HR Training

Managers are often promoted into managerial positions due to their technical expertise, unfortunately this means training in people management may have been neglected. This is often due to a lack of succession planning, or most likely time. We provide HR Training to these managers to give them the basic do’s and don’ts and much more.

If one to one coaching is more appropriate, we offer this upon initial consultation.

HR Projects

We understand that as your business grows, your people plans will too. We offer bespoke packages for project work such as cultural change, diversity, employee engagement and well-being to help drive these forward.

HR Compliance

Employing people is a risky business. Ensure you have the correct documentation in place such as policies and toolkits, handbooks, contracts and various templates to keep you on track.

Putting the Human back into HR

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