Treating humans as valuable assets

Nipa Patel Director and HR Consultant of NP Employment Services has over 15 years HR Experience gained in a number of different industries – Legal, Financial Services and Private Healthcare to name a few. During this time, she has gained experience as a HR Generalist as well as a specialist in Employee Relations (the difficult situations most people hate!).

During her time in the profession, she has dealt with a number of complex situations, and has provided commercial, yet pragmatic and human solutions to the often tricky situations employers have had to deal with. Nipa understands that regardless of the situation and possible outcome, there is a human at the other end of the process who finds the situation difficult. This is what makes Nipa stand out – she makes everyone feel at ease by being transparent and empathetic to all involved.



Nipa is a members of the CIPD and gained her CIPD qualification and MA in Human Resources Management in 2007.


Nipa is a level 4 qualified interpersonal mediator specialising in Workplace Mediation.

Ethical, legal, transparent and empathetic, taking the stress out of any situation.